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Twitter® is mainly used to communicate with other people who have similar interests. You don’t have to know someone to follow or retweet his or her message. It is the Social Platform most widely used to share news, information, allow followers to ask questions and provide your clinic with a way to quickly address any concerns.

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Twitter Specifications

Like all Social Media channels, Twitter has its own specifications for images and text. The following highlights a few of these specs to help you customize your Twitter profile. These specifications are always changing. So be sure to refer to them often.

Twitter Cards

Twitter offers ads through the use of Cards. There are different Card types, each suited best for specific objectives.  Below is a list of Card types to help you get started. Whichever Card you choose, make sure your tweet is concise and incorporates relevant hash tags to get the most impact.

• Promoted Tweet

• Website Card

• Basic App Card

• Image App Card

• Promoted Video

• Single Image Tweets & GIFs

• Multi-image Tweets

• Summary Card with Large Image

• Video App Card

• Conversional Ads


Using Images

• Use an acceptable file type (jpg, gif or png)

• Choose a visually-impactful image to attract viewers to your post 


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Paid vs Organic Posts Example

​Social media is no longer just about conversation and content; it’s now an established channel for customer acquisition, remarketing and engaging existing fans and customers for support – all through organic or paid social media marketing.


Paid Social Post Example

Paid social is paying to display ads or sponsored messages to social network users based on user profile, e.g., demographic. A cost is incurred depending on the type of ad planned; for example many ads incur a cost per click.

Organic Social Post Example

Organic social is using free tools provided by each social network to build a social community and interact with it, sharing posts and responding to customer comments.

  • There will be image size differences depending on what type of paid post you choose to use
  • Does not click through unless text link included in post

  • The image sizes for organic tweets are flexible
  • Does not click through unless text link included in bio



Here are some Twitter best practices and example posts are above:

• Best times to post (generally): ​1pm most retweets, business activity highest during weekdays, consumer highest on weekends and Wednesdays

• Best days to post (generally): ​Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

• Tweet at followers: ​@mention users/influencers in your shared content

• Twitter is a quick communication platform, ​engage with users/influencers, cultivate relationships

• Share exclusive content to your brand. ​

• Huge platform for customer support focus

• Features to utilize: ​Twitter dashboard (analytics, scheduling, listening tools, etc.), images/media no longer contribute to character count, uncropped photos

Browse curated content for your posts, including downloadable images and sample text.

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